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Why should I use Carmichael's Tree Service?

1 - ISA Certified Arborist

There's more to maintaining property than just cutting down old trees. Besides buried cables and underground utilities, bringing down a tree can impact future soil erosion, lawn heath, insect infestation and the health of other trees. Sometimes a tree might only need pruning or trimming. That's why we have two certified Arborists in the company with forty five years of experience. We know what we're doing and why we do it. Combined with our trained nurseryman with thirty years of experience in trees and shrubbery and we bring the expertise and know-how for the simplest to the toughest job.

2 - Value

You get what you pay for. We know the bottom line will come down to, "How much is their estimate compared to someone else's estimate?"  But be careful that you're shopping the same services from those who bid on your job. Compare "apples with apples".  In doing so we think you'll find that Carmichael's Tree Service can provide the best value for your dollar.

3 - Small enough for the simplest job, and big enough for commercial projects

With a low overhead we can take on most smaller jobs that the bigger tree companies automatically price themselves out of.  From trimming your azaleas to taking down some of the biggest trees in North Carolina, Carmichael's Tree Service can do the job.

tree pruning and tree cutting in Winston Salem, North Carolina

4 - Locally Owned

We live in your community, we are your neighbors and friends, chances are we have already worked for someone you know.  Its always better to invest your money in the local economy.  This is good for the community.

5 - Quick & Clean

Carmichael's Tree Service will complete most jobs in one day or less.  The quicker the job can go, the less cost, and wear and tear on your yard.  We use every precaution to maintain your yard and driveway.  We completely remove all debris from the jobsite.  No brush or wood is left behind unless the homeowner specifies. 

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